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    pre-planning-"tailored" service
we buy clothes according to their own body, temperament and other characteristics to buy to suit your clothes, enterprise e-business applications as well. Only designed according to product features, combined with the enterprise management implementation of the business, to the largest enterprise application of e-commerce success and achieving a good return on investment only when the structure is rational, the style consistent with the target audience, to successfully set up an enrichment Enterprise extract, enhance the corporate image of the e-platform, and give full play to effect, realize the value of marketing. According to business characteristics, detailed planning, to achieve "tailored" service.
website planning including understand customer needs, for website structure planning, and content edit, and wrote "website function needs analysis report", and provides website system hardware, and software configuration programme, and finishing related technology information and text information; according to enterprise main business and website construction of purpose, analysis determine including website image positioning, and website function positioning, and target visitors positioning, and information structure design, and navigation system design, and column set, and page total, content; eventually issued a full of website construction programme book And Web site marketing plan for your reference and the operation operation later and discuss with you.
website build-"consultants"-communication
construction site is an important part of enterprise e-business applications. An article of clothing is right for them, we need to observe, understand and communicate through different perspectives, website building to these. Strong technical strength, effective one-to-one communications according to your actual needs, combining corporate image, built structure, style and your corporate image, target audience highly consistent implementation of the e-commerce platform, the maximum guarantee the success of the project. The business world, you need a "strategic adviser" to realize enterprise information construction, you need a "consultant", is your best choice!
-e-commerce operation "on protracted war" strategy
only in battle, and long. For e-business, and operations strategy is the core content, but also to achieve economic efficiency a key part of, ongoing improvement, to bring continuous victories. Continuously enhance the e-business competitiveness is an inevitable trend. Use we have the services to your platform's business partners add new value-added services, your business partners share with you our services and set your status in your industry in the lead, to accelerate corporate and institutional Internet marketing speed, greatly improve Member sentiment, comprehensively enhance value-added benefits.

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