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What is the white hat SEO

  white hat SEO techniques are known as good search engine optimization, white hat SEO techniques follow the search engine guidelines.
/> Exchange links as external links to other sites the Administrator's contact and exchanges have been completed. But connected to, you have to think, the linked exchange rate should be taken with the relevant Web sites and these sites may look very interesting facts, know your visitors, link here to recommend a good platform 123 connected network. Random link exchange
will never be anything that you use. Quality
content must be of high quality content on a page. It is unique, so add it to your site's value. Content-rich Web sites seem to search engines and visitors hear too much. Therefore, try to write good content. There is no doubt that this is time consuming, but is beneficial in the long run.
title/> title and meta data tags and Meta tags of a Web page must contain the relevant information. Title tags are visible to users who are at the top of the browser window. At the top of the keywords or key phrases you wish to target should be in the title tag. Meat labels exist in the head section of the HTML page. Provides a page description meta tag descriptions and keywords, tag Meta keyword tags of all the listed keywords.
the right keywords
first of all doing a keyword research for your Web sites. Use of keyword research tools, and check out your competition's Web site. Try to target multiple-word phrases, and more specifically to your Web site and the services you provide.  Once a keyword is found, in this area of use:
Meta Description
Meta Keywords
Heading Elements
Alt Tag
Title Tag
/> Semantic markup helps search engines understand the content of a page that is a good thing. Using the title as search engines pay more attention to elements of the right to use it.
separate content introduction
separation of content and design elements using CSS. It makes it easier for search engines to find what they are looking for.

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