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Analysis of one-way links for SEO help

  many webmaster friends in Exchange friendship links Shi, always hope peer of PR, website of weight requirements high, like Baidu included, and Gg included, Home Baidu snapshot and so on, but rarely has friends willing to to one-way export links, think export links on increased has website of links number, may led to website of PR and links quality has declined, that on himself of website caused adverse of effect.
actually not such of, export links is has learned of, export links to according to search engine of related algorithm to export, and not chaos, and to control appropriate, cannot export chain took more,
following according to I himself of experience for said export links need note of points's, and one-way export links on SEO of help?
1. export links in the contains keywords is search engine on website keywords ranking algorithm of a algorithm factors, conducive to website ranking of rose, Is a important step of keyword optimization. Links must be a Web site with the keywords of your website the same subject, preferably export keywords in the anchor text of the links, this is an effective way to increase your keyword density.
2. search engine itself is the hyperlink works, links to search engine spiders crawl search usually works is supporting in this way the search engine performance.
3. pointing to the authoritative site is search engine ranking algorithm factor, I said you need to export the links are relevant keywords leader or authority, such as Government Web site related topics and some authority sites, which can be trusted by search engines.
4. appropriate export related links increase your site's professionalism. Export link to control the quantity, and not excessive, and preferably two or three.
5. the export link for one-way export, but can you get a two-way crossover would be better, but it is difficult.

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