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The popular way of adding one-way links

  1, the soft article promotion
write some original reports of your site's theme. publish to websites. make them with your website link in the article. in one or two days. you in Google and Baidu search box to enter your post title. see n websites on your site's content. The so-called write the soft article, of course, this correlation is also spoken.
2, anchor text links to enhance keyword ranking
anchor text links on keyword ranking is important, for example has the following description: SEO marketing business network, to provide professional and reliable SEO services, effective and risk-free website optimization can bring effective traffic to your site, and enhance your company's performance. Describes Lieutenant SEO marketing business network links to www.qyseo.NET , this keyword search engines detect and record the corresponding link, if there is a lot of "SEO marketing business network" anchor links pointing to your pages, the search "SEO marketing business network" page rank you will be easy.

3, blog marketing operators a lot of free blog, find them and then create a blog, blog will provide the ability to add links, make a link for your site, reproduced in two related articles in a blog, do not provide links or link is not a tag, add way to use anchor text in the article. Based on my experience, the above method on Baidu and Google absolutely useful, but less obvious effect on Yahoo.

4, using search engines to find free links to resources in Baidu, Google search the following keywords: links posted, submit Web site, Sub URL, Add URL, keywords, pages provides you can find lots of one-way links, no white No.
5, forum signature links
go to the Forum, set in the personal signature and links to their websites, multiple articles, multiple top top post. This approach has been used, there is still a lot of people are doing, someone behind the Forum to buy signature, useless people will buy?
6, blog responses and return
reply to someone else's blog, but note that it is best to link to a tag, you visit other people's blogs, courtesy of the people will return.
subscribe to a Web site, submit Web site to community RSS reader, many RSS readers, such as Google Reader, Bloglines, grasping shrimp, many online.
8, using free space station
free space more and more and even more advanced free independent station system application and content sharing, I use xinwen520.NET for some site before, using the Internet to find free Web site templates, PR is now 3.
I want to say is: your chain in fine, is not entirely dependent on the amount of support. Added in a short time is not of the chain, the more the better. Keep a certain amount on the line. To do outside the chain of your holding on average and the quality is the most important.

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