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  original artifacts, are articles elsewhere on the Internet reference to the way of your site in their own language and ideas of de facto amendment. False means the original is the second or N times revised reprint publication. For example, modify the title, add summary, and incomplete content, remove the article image, or even direct OEM sales.
from SEO of angle starting, articles content repeat degrees reached 80% above on think is repeat of pseudo original, such of pseudo original is not conducive to search engine concern of, while if such of articles more more also will effect to website of weight than, how to do quality of, meet user experience of pseudo original, please reference,
1, and articles title, by update articles information of title changes, for example: "colorful radio" and "environmental colorful Longwave radio", title of modified, very important, Direct search engine the first sight, take note of the title skill Guide.
2, keyword, anchor text has been written before, striking word processing + hyperlink to realize internal links resources, increase the user experience.
3, and content need different, GOOGLE on has 75% above content same of articles basically not included, that is, if we collection edit had of articles content no changes adjustment, except expanded website resources outside, brings can't flow, while we also can in background concern we sent of articles whether was click view had, is retrieved we released articles quality of a standard, heavy articles quality, don't too focused on articles number.
4, mindset of most important---sure.

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