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Foreign trade website promotion why SEO

  is now more and more producers are exporting like to sell their products through the network, rather than the traditional search for dealers to export their own products. This greatly enhances their control over costs. They can no longer look for brokers and their direct selling products on the Internet, greatly reducing the middle post, the retail price of the product can also be lower than the original.
as a result, foreign trade Web site into a powerful weapon, and site promotion and optimization is key. Many foreign trade promotion, such as through a search engine SEO optimization and promotion, search engine PPC promotion, Alibaba platform extension, there are global resources, made in China, and several other large foreign trade promotion platform, affiliate ads, ezine promotion, and many other models. Wide choice of promotion, foreign trade enterprises and individuals how to make decisions?
first, to lead the marketing platform features, take Alibaba and global sources, for example here. Alibaba platform as an excellent platform for B2B China, brings together a large number of SME suppliers, trade in previous years generally feel better. But some argue that too many Chinese vendors in Ali, Ali platform allows bulk buyer inquiries, leading to intense price competition, so Ali close list profits are low. From a certain point, Ali is a platform for a foreigner in China supplier prices. Certain trades too many users, is a member of charges after a more than 10 pages, this classification of suppliers under the effect is not very good.
global resources network prices are relatively more expensive, companies normally include annual fees are between 100,000 to 200,000. Its main line of exhibitions, magazines, CD information, most advantageous industries is electronics and gifts. But it seems some changes. It auditing for buyers is very strict and closing orders, order some more. Its customer base dominated by large enterprises, small businesses choose carefully.
but has has is not ignored of is, recently many small foreign trade enterprise and foreign trade people are reflect, with financial crisis of effect platform promotion effect now than past, comes costs constantly increased, second current of promotion platform by brings of real disc too less, tentative polling disc, no quality, and number, and delivery period, description, just is understand we of products, to became they of database in the of a copies child such polling disc too more.
Second, we look at search engine promotion. Search engine promotion is Google holds the promotion of foreign trade, because so far Google search engine website is the most important in the world, is also one of the most widely used search engine Web site. Internet marketing data analysis shows that more than 80% Web site traffic comes from search engines, compared with traditional forms of advertising such as television, newspapers directed more audience clear. In China, search users has reached 280 million people, more than 8 billion search requests a day, around the world, has reached 800 million search users, over 100 billion search requests per day. Google search for SEO optimization and promotion services are common to many trade people choose promotion, for PPC, SEO optimization and promotion, with costs more affordable, more durable, promotion area broader, saving promotion expenses and avoid malicious clicks, and more benefits.
while according to famous media survey institutions Jupiter Media Metrix & NPD2001 years March of statistics digital displayed, looking for products information of user more tendencies Yu directly in search engine entered box in the type products name, has such habits of user accounted for survey total of 28%, greatly over has Browse large website "shopping channel" of user (accounted for 5%) and click network advertising of user (accounted for 4%). Statistics also show that 9 people out of 10 surveyed people every month and access to search engines, and this behavior will repeat 5 times on average in a month or more.
all the data points to the same conclusion, that search engines SEO optimization and promotion in the Guide to the enterprise plays an important role in the traffic to the site. Prominent search engine industry critic DannySullivan served as a metaphor: "If you haven't logged into your overall search engine marketing plan, as well as in traditional marketing does not take into account television, newspapers and other mainstream media."
it is recommended that we preferred professional foreign trade foreign trade promotion services SEO company, because judging from the present situation, through search engine optimization, increasing number of foreigners looking for sellers, and, like many big promotion platform for its traffic by doing a Web search. Of course, if funds allow, mixing the two is better, of course.

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