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SEO optimization tool is a double edged sword

  BOSS today I recommend a SEO tool of the Chi brand city, gunmen, it claims to be able to let potential customers find a 1000 times increase of the rate of the destination Web site, can give potential customers actively pursue your ... ... At such a time.
I studied it carefully, finds its greatest role in relevant keywords can be set in the related search, if not natural to your site keywords top, Baidu Home is not found when, in the following "related searches" will prompt will remind the customer search relevance more keywords to locate the target Web site. To some extent, but it is for SEO to bring better results.
However, it is just a tool, tools, strong, there is no substitute for people, after all, the site is doing for others, rather than search engines. Tool does not take into account the user's experience, keyword ranking is definitely short, Web site content, after all, still need to finish. Losing content, if the tool will free your keyword on Baidu's Home, then it makes no difference with the PPC. Just think, a year you can get hundreds of dollars of tools for the enterprise to achieve network objectives? if you can, SEO personnel have lost the meaning of life, SEO tools can replace humans to do website marketing goals. In fact, there is no free lunch, it is not possible for the enterprise to achieve this.
site is a store, don't care what keywords into position, don't care how impressive d├ęcor, if there are no customers coming, the site is a fake, it doesn't make any sense. Web sites only to people-oriented, can be a long time based on the online world.
I think, SEO personnel is the need for these tools, if accumulated some experience using these SEO tools, then this is down to your SEO skills. Station is a mixed bag of works, when you see the fruits of your station, the joy and sense of achievement is beyond words to describe. SEO is a need for long term mental work and perseverance will accomplish. Believe in yourself and trust your website, give yourself the greatest confidence and believe that they will do better than optimization tool!

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