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Seven good habits of the Seoer steadily improve website traffic

  SEO friends all know, Web site optimization, requires not only the development of a sound and viable optimization solutions also need to be strong to the Executive, three days of fishing net, cut corners to implement it is that you do not get the expected results. So do SEO friends need to form good habits of the following, as long as you really can't worry about site traffic without upgrading it?
, regular updating Web site content. Said timing it is not absolute, but need to stick in one time period in accordance with a number of content needs to be updated. Rolling hard, best not to update one or two articles today, tomorrow updated one hundred or two hundred. For example, my sites typically updated several content before 9 o'clock in the morning.
II, statistical analysis journal. Analyze website statistics, which Web sites traffic is coming from, what keywords, PV and the average length of stay, and so on. To further tap the long tail keywords, update related articles. There through the routing domain name to analyze whether your promotional methods to achieve desired results, such as how to improve.
III, insist on self improvement, further study. Internet information changing, constantly studying, understanding new information technologies can not be eliminated by this society. This Seoer is very important for us not only to understand the industry consulting, news, also need to learn SEO techniques. Admin5 I persist in access and other related Web sites.
four, uncompromised, careful promotion. Website promotion means so much, there is always a right, in accordance with your promotion, implementation, exchange links for links to the blog and blog swarm, the bulk of the mass, so long as you keep will effect, does not recommend Black Hat optimization.
five, links, and site link checking. Few times a week to check the links, if the links problem, make adjustments in a timely manner. If CMS is used to generate the content of the Web site, links are generally effective, if standing for a long time, there will be a lot of dead links, he did not find, you can use the tool to check the site all the links, adjust.
VI, keyword ranking and pages will include checking. As Seoer checked keyword ranking and page every day your situation, help to detect problems, adjust and optimize the program. For search engines to adjust the ranking and inclusion process to have a general understanding of and experience!
seven, drink plenty of water to keep the body healthy and cheerful mood. As a Seoer to computer time or more, can no longer work, rest, reasonable schedule, often take part in physical exercise, and don't forget to attend social activities.

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