Content editing problems in terms of SEO optimization

  according to the principle of search engine, analysis of their experience and networks on some classic finishing, I summarized the content editor of several important rules, I hope to help new webmasters.
first, the title of the article:
title is important, is the most critical part of a page, most of the search engines, write a good title can not only enhance search rankings, and more importantly good catchy title can make the user click.
1, matching the keywords users search habits as possible. Such as users are accustomed to questions of search. For example: what is OA? Collaborative management platform of which company better?
2, title cannot be same as the article title and Baidu have included, this can be written under the title before going to the search. Article Baidu do not like too much to repeat a collection of the same title. For example: FORP what does this word mean? Can be changed into: FORP mean. ... That is Exchange of several methods.
3, selection of natural and high search volume keyword in the title. Previous title: "General solutions for SMEs", you may add "Office Automation". The words "General solutions for small and medium enterprises Office Automation" for the article full utilization of resources.
4, you can also choose some long tail keywords as headings. For example: use OA Office system
5, heading to in connection with article content. Is not heading IKM, say HR., so the choice of keywords in the title, also appears in the content.
/> II, article 1. content is original as possible, article content if you have repeat already online, you can manually edit.
2. the first paragraph of the article content or earlier. Just like news blurbs. Basically summarized to explain key elements of the full text. This part is usually focus on search engines. Keyword and appear more bold. A descriptive explanation of key words in the first place. For example: "XI soft: is an excellent .... "
3. editing in the article content should use a different font or color when focused. Such as the product name to be displayed in bold color, keywords can increase the font size of the outline class.
4. in other product names that appear in the content of the article, such as keywords and anchor links. Connect to other product feature page. But the same keywords are connected only to the target page. In addition to keywords in the content if you have a special page which should be text links, rather than directly paste URL address, such as OA system, you can use the text link to page the address of CMS/channel_1/article_1.html, and of course search engine for an absolute path may be recognized here for suspected advertising using a relative path specification.
5. photos by adding text notes, or with ALT attributes for easy search engine grasp the picture content.
6. keyword density: articles can have several valuable duplicate keywords, full text of about 3%. These keywords as possible with keywords in the title echoes.
7. the last paragraph of the article content, and as in the first paragraph, you can use some more popular keywords.
III, reference data for keyword selection:
keywords in the site layout and content editing, and outside promotion to, select the right keywords is important, attention to some selected keywords
1. you can select some according to Baidu index.
3. intends to push the product name
4. users like to search keywords

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