Use site templates to make good

  4 years Qian, many company wants to has a company of website, and and didn't want to spent too more of money, so using website template to do station, website template to do station main has so points benefits:
1> save costs    2> update convenient   3> operation simple
however now select Enterprise template of company increasingly less, main is consider to independent built station has following 5 aspects shortcomings
1, and Biggest problem is not intuitive to modify the code, template website result in lengthy garbage code, and each page's code is very similar to, which is not only Baidu.Google. search engines such as search, is negative for website promotion.
2, site styles are the same, familiar; it is difficult to establish improved corporate image.
3, a lot of self-help station is a public space and databases, security cannot be guaranteed.
4, for the site in the future feature extensions to support the.
5, if it is a few pages of small websites can also add your own information, if the Web site content more, a wide range of products, the pages added is a very annoying thing, do most of the people who have deep experience.
therefore, we suggest that choose to tailor is quite cost-effective, tailor-made now do not need to spend too much money, 2000 will be able to do a background and spend hundreds of watching the company, safety is high, still worry, you find this value?

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