Enterprises website 6 common mistakes

  many website companies will say, we make a site primarily so that customers can find us on the Internet, or my site to do good and beautiful. In fact, this is the first generation of the thinking of website construction, already out for many years. According to this years Internet development pointed out that enterprises need to build convincing website architecture.
on the advice of customer feedback over the years, summarize the disadvantages and solutions of website now:
1.       enterprises website service object is not clear
successful website is its ability to attract users, site visits can be used to directly measure the site's status (in the Internet is mainly based on service access). Services are provided to users of the Web site, so information about the service object in site system planning is the most important information. Success planning from a deeper investigation, grasp the needs of Web site users is key to the success of system planning. Planning service object containing service object scope and client needs.
2.       enterprises website goals are not clear
objective is to create a dynamic Web site system. Goal planning is not clear, the System Designer's implementation of the Web site will be at a loss, what information and what happens technically harder and system analysts will lose the identification according to the efficiency and quality of the Web site. To the user, without clear goals (or objectives are not actual) 's website so that they do not understand what site can solve the problem.
3.       Website content lack guide sex
now information convenient, customer browse information also just so-so see, and not in-depth understand, in we built station of when, if no reasonable of guide customer, but let customer free browse, so dang customer not know next Browse what information of when, General on will off website, another found information, so we in established website of when, Best at the top or at the bottom to add some information or advertisement, guide customers through more information, communicate directly picked up the phone and so on.
4.       information, lack of information
and rational planning Web site content is fundamental to building the site. Customers come to our Web site from the Internet, information is, of course, want to know what he wanted to see, if we place cluttered site information, the customer site duration of stay will be very short, direct impact on the company's sales and corporate image. There is, as there is less product, so content is scarce, how can a site without content customers.
Note: when enterprise online, about us, products, services, contact information should be ready.
5.       Website in conjunction with website optimization
a growing number of cases, website optimization should be summed up to a Web site project designs to, on the grounds that many of the basic principles of Web site optimization, stem from the construction site early. To modify the title, keywords, description tags, include keywords in the page, internal links, etc, are using design thinking to achieve the goal of search engine optimization of Web site projects.
6.       websites and Web Security
is mainly needed to determine the entire site development time and the computer software and hardware, plans, planners and site system administrators work closely together: website planning and there is sufficient hardware and software operation conditions, guaranteed to be enough users as well as site security planning system development and implementation schedule Establishing experimental model to detect network functionality, safety and effectiveness.

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