8 golden rules of building a shopping Web site usability-Web site compatibility

  site design and construction finished be sure to test the site's compatibility test: Web operating system (Windows,Mac,linux), the different operating system versions (Windows 2000,Windows XP) different browser compatibility (Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7, Firefox), to ensure the sites are able to display correctly on all systems, functions can be used normally.
this simple question, when we know that, but there are too many stations overlook the issues, caused the site to not work properly. I often use with IE 7 and Firefox, when using Firefox to browse the Chinese stand, often there will be some small problems, such as text superimposed, dislocation, it also had to, some direct wrong Dong West a piece of text, it makes people angry.
the problem of the is functions are not compatible, I give an example: I want to buy a book about calligraphy, this book is relatively old, printing less, I have found it in dangdang, joyo was not found, fortunately in a second-hand bookshop to see that day. I glanced around, mail really well, it seems that this point is still quite high degree of credibility, it should be a real shop, so I decide to buy. But by the time I fill in the purchase information, just put it in the phone column of the cursor, it will pop up a dialog box that prompts "your message too short"
I haven't entered yet, short, of course, I clicked OK and continue typing, mouse hasn't put up, tip "information you entered is too short." I use IE to view this website, found that we can use. Interested to buy books, but was the toss, lost interest early, decided not to buy.
Web site operators know this, own-who knows. When a customer is aware of this problem and reflect to you, then you should feel lucky. Most users are not going to remind you, when he encountered a problem, just give up, select another.
according to the survey, approximately 10% of Internet users use Firefox, if you were such a problem exists, that this part of the user not drain lost. This phenomenon, that's too bad.

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