8 golden rules of building a shopping Web site usability-typesetting

  recently abroad do had a such of test, casually from market Shang find to 20 a people to specified of online for shopping, let they using specifically of credit card to online purchase specified of products, here we excluded website of trust degrees, products of quality, products of brand, copy of writing level and price, problem, was test who just to in online purchase specified of products can, and must to buy. Test results are unexpected, not to 30% the public to buy specified products, finished the task.
this phenomenon, we can only due so the usability of a Web site is so bad, perhaps the ratio in different industries, will vary in the different levels of education, but ease of use is in the way the important reasons for customers to purchase. Below we analyze in 8 major aspects, see if your similar problems:
, website content should be easy to read
This is the website users understand the basis not copy writing skills here, but in the form of Visual and makes the text easier to read.
1. not too fancy website background, the background color, some sites use yellow background, and the text is green, even some made colorful background, which appears to the user, it's a disaster.
don't try to play tricks on the page background and text color, is to use a white background and black text. If want to beautify it, you can use a very light color background, much like the brightness and white slim, but will play very good visual beautification effect.
2. text layout to some attention. Web content looks to get the point. Page not only headlines but, also a small title, subtitle font size slightly larger than the text, so customers browsing will not hold key.
3. website the best control in the 3~4 line of text in each paragraph. Allow customers to see fifty or sixty lines of text, the customer is simply heavenly, which customers have so much patience to finish it.
4. non-link text not easily use underscores. As we like, underline topped with blue, the link text is the standard, we all got used to click, think it is a hyperlink, do not try to challenge the customer's browsing habits, don't accent the particularity of fall line. Non-underlined links are wasting the customer's time, but also interrupts the customer browsing.
Word, text layout to achieve the following effects:
. Typography neat and beautiful.
. Clear to understand.
. Users easily focused, but also conducive to quickly browse.
next time to you on Web site usability-Web site link problems.

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