Website marketing e-mail marketing advantage

  first of all, let us imagine a scenario-a browser, that is, potential customers, or forum to your website through search engines, assuming that he was looking for more of a commodity, and your site has this product. Customers browsing your site's Home page and product, very interested in, but also to visit a few, then decide where to buy. User wants to look at other stations, so back to the search engine.
but unfortunately is that the customer may never come back to your site will come up.
ordinary users may not remember what search words to find your site, Word find, browse any website. When visitors leave the specific Web site, then again the possibility is very low. Unless you stand in the more well-known brands in the industry. Around you can find a link to you. Under normal circumstances,
, and general e-commerce Web site's conversion rate is 1%, in other words, under normal circumstances, 99% potential customers did not buy anything without leaving your site, and will not be coming back. This prior to all network marketing success is really a waste.
We further assume that another scenario. A visitor comes to your site, he wants to buy a product has a problem to solve, your website will meet his requirements. But it is the first time, users are interested in, but is not likely to 99% buy it now. If your Web site "just" provides an electronic magazine, electronic journal and registered users can get 10 Yuan voucher, plus free eBook, eBook topic for discussion was the potential user to solve the problem. Go with the flow, fill your name and email address to get coupons and eBooks.
as a Web site operated by you, the potential user's email address, also will get a follow-up communication, constantly remind potential customers right. Through your e-book to his, and e-zine tips, industry news, and trust you. When he decides to buy the product, your website is at the forefront of his alternative site.
If your Web site design and e-journal planning properly, registered conversion rate of e-magazine about 20% are also common. Sales conversion rates relative to 1% through email marketing will greatly improve the conversion rate of final sales.

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