Why is my Web site doesn't work

  site, lots of businesses or individuals will ignore a problem: clearly identify the site's objectives and approach. And this is the truth, achievable, manageable, used to guide the design and all Web site operators.
Web site goals, in turn, in-building, guidance throughout the process of designing a website marketer to make judgments and decisions, all elements of the website design and detail, should prompt viewers to take from every angle you want him to take the action, try various means to promote visitors reach your site the objectives. Choice of colors, add pictures, page layout, copy writing, website structure of each sentence arrangement, all these are all pointing to the same objectives and direction, that is, achieving website goals.
lead customers to:
1> added an arrow is able to direct the customer to the site slogan or on the next step.
2> added a picture of the staff, are able to increase customer confidence.
3> flags that contain promotional information to guide customers to the shopping cart.
4> offer "free information", guiding customers to enter, ask customers to leave email or other contact.
5> "free information" pictures after the customer is turned, inevitably seeing "free information" message, guide customers.
site targeting 4 points:
1> reality
say that setting enables customers to achieve goals. Don't give customers more difficult, some require customer service in order to achieve site goals.
2> measurement
one of the biggest advantage of online marketing than traditional marketing is the marketing effect can be precisely measured and analyzed, and on the basis of improved marketing practices.
Web site goal should be specific user behavior, which is user specific things which require action. Single

4> targeted website goal setting no more, or at the construction site will have some decision-making questions, it is difficult to judge. Single goal is the most powerful.
precision-set Web site goals for site design, operation and promotion, there is noticeable knows the significance, is in the process of operating a website basis for judgment when faced with many choices.

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