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  Web site is an enterprise and provides information to the user (including products and services), one way, is launching e-commerce infrastructure and information platforms, leaving the Web site (or use of third-party sites) to talk about e-commerce is not possible. Enterprise Web site known as the "network logo", is also part of the intangible assets of enterprises, and the site is on the INTERNET information and reflect the corporate image and culture an important window. Corporate website design is very important, here are some principles should be paid attention to in the design of the Web site.
>>> the first establishment of the station being clear about goals and the needs of users, Web site designs give the corporate image, products and services, an important approach to enterprise development strategy must therefore be clearly designed site and user needs, thus making practical design plans. According to consumer needs, market conditions, the business itself, analyze the situation, bearing in mind that "consumer (customer)" as the Center, rather than "art" as the Center for design and planning. Also consider early in the design: building what is the purpose of the site? Who provide services and products? What companies offer products and services? Enterprise products and services suitable for the kind of expressions (styles)? Site the purpose of the consumer and what are the characteristics of the audience? Targeted on the basis of complete Web sites overall concept creative design.
>>> second-our site's overall style and characteristic positioning, planning, organizational structure of the site. Web sites should be directed to the service object (body or person) is different for the different forms. Some sites provide simple text-only information; some multimedia presentation offers gorgeous images, flickering light, complex page layout, you can even download sound and video. Good Web site graphic representation and effective combination of organization and communication. Clear theme to be prominent, clear, in simple and clear language and images reflecting the site's theme. Mobilize all means full sites personality and tastes, characteristics of the site. Web site home pages should have the basic ingredients include: header: correctly identifies your site and company logo; Email address: to receive user information; contact information: regular mail address or phone number; copyright statement copyright owners, and so on. Note reuse of existing information. Such as the owner's manual. Public relations document. Technical manuals and databases can easily on the company Web site.
>>> third we need to design the layout of the Web site, Web design as a visual language, should pay attention to presentation and layout, although home design is not the same as in graphic design but they have many similarities, should make full use of it and learn from it. Layout graphics designed by text space, expressing harmony and beauty. A good Web designer should know which graphics that fall in a passage where the brilliance to make the whole Web page. Multiple page Web page layout design requirements reflected in the organic links between pages, in particular, to deal with pages and pages within the order and content of the relationship. In order to achieve the best visual effect, you should pay attention to the overall layout of rationality, so that visitors have a seamless viewing experience. Four color is one of the elements of artistic expression. In Web design, based on the principle of harmonious, balanced and focused, different color combinations. Mix to make a beautiful page. According to the psychological effect on people of color, the reasonable use of them. In accordance with the principles of color memory, strong warm than cool memories; color also has a legend symbol and substance, such as red symbolized blood, the Sun; Blue represents the sea, the sky and the water, and so on. Designing virtual storefront to sell cold, you should use elegant and quiet colors, makes people psychologically feel cooler. Color and there is no limit to the number of the Web page, but not uncontrolled use of various colors, under normal circumstances, according to the style setting at the request of one or both of the two main colors, CIS (corporate identity system) should follow the VI use of color.
>>> fourth use of color is a problem that should be noticed in the process: State and race. The different religions and beliefs, as well as the location. Culture differences, varying degrees of the likes and dislikes of people of color there is a big difference. Such as: children like to contrast. Distinctive pure color people live in the grasslands like red like the elegant color of people living in the downtown living in "desert", like the green. Background and composition to be considered in the design of the main readership.
>>> fifth we will enrich the significance and diversity of forms into a uniform page structure, formal languages must conform to the content of the page, reflecting the rich meaning of content. Use of contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and rhyme, and white means, through space, text, graphics, established the relationship between the overall equilibrium, harmony and beauty. Symmetry principles in the design of the page, its balance will sometimes make pages look dull, but if you add some dynamic text, pattern, or exaggerate it to content tend to achieve good results. Points, lines, surfaces as a basic element in a visual language, to use the point, line and plane of interspersed with each other, against each other, complement each other constitutes the best pages. Web design application of point, line and plane are not isolated, most of the time they need to be combined expression of perfect design conception.
>>> sixth-dimensional space on the network is an imaginary space, this space needed changes in the relationship. Space factors such as the proportions of the image to show it. In the page, before and after pictures, text overlay, or page locations change the Visual effects are not the same. Pressure before and after pictures, text, results in a spatial hierarchy is still rare, and Web design are some of the more formal and concise pages, arranged this pressure can produce strong rhythm space levels, strong visual effects. Is common on the Web page up and down, left and right, arising from the position in space, arising from the relationship of space and density levels, both relationship and make the space level flexibility also makes it easy for people or compelling psychological feel. Now, it has not satisfied the two-dimensional Web page HTML language, three-dimensional world of temptations began to attract more people, virtual reality on the Web network to show its charming style, and VRML language appears.
>>> seventh VRML is an object-oriented language, Web hyperlinks using HTML-like language, is a language based on text, and can be run on multiple platforms, but more services for virtual reality environments. Seventh network resources is one of the advantages of multimedia capabilities. To attract viewers attention, three-dimensional animation, FLASH and other page content can be used to represent. But note that, due to the bandwidth limit in the use of multimedia in the form of a page's content should take into account the client's transmission speed.
>>> eighth test actually is the process of simulating a user asks the Web site, to identify problems and improve the design. Note that allow users to participate in Web site testing.
>>> Nineth enterprises after the establishment of the Web site, to update the content. Site information updated to enable visitors to understand the enterprise's development and online posts, etc, but also will help enterprises to establish a good image. On the company's Web site, to seriously respond to the user's e-mail and traditional contacts such as mail. Call and fax, do answer.
is best to categorize the user's intention, such as pre-general knowledge. After-sales service, dealt with by the relevant Department, visitors feel the real enterprise and the resulting trust. Be careful not to promise what you can't, you really have the ability to deal with before you reply, don't beg the user to enter information or list the phone number a lot he can't respond in a timely manner. When you request a visitor voluntarily provides his or her personal information and shall publish and implement privacy commitment.
Finally, we should make use of new technologies, new Web technology appear almost daily, if not professional network technology sites, be sure to use Web technologies, do not turn the site into a Web technology stands, always remember the user to quickly and easily get the information they need is the most important. For Web site designers must learn track master Web design technologies such as Java, DHTML, XML etc, according to the form and content of the Web site needs to be reasonably applied to design.

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