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Baidu BAIDU promotion

  Baidu to promote is a pay for performance Internet marketing, enterprise with the amount of money you can bring a large number of potential customers, increase sales and brand awareness. Baidu to promote in accordance with the enterprise's potential customers visit the billing number, enterprises can flexibly control network to promote investment, maximum return. Hundreds of millions of people every day in the Baidu to find information, enterprises registered Baidu with keywords related to the product, enterprises can be found by finding customers for these products.
simple three step, on can brings business opportunities first step: Enterprise select promotion keywords, released promotion information;
second step: potential customer in Baidu search, click Enterprise promotion information;
third step: customer and Enterprise for contact chat, reached trading
Baidu promotion service of operation method first step, select right of keywords; second step, wrote promotion information; third step, set click price; audit through Hou on official began Baidu promotion.

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