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  AdWords is a Google search result pages display pay-per-click keyword advertising. When your potential customers through a keyword search, your ads will show on the right side of the search page, as shown in the following figure. You may have noticed, at the top left of the search page also has "sponsored links". This is because both the average click-through rate of advertising is very high (a high quality score), as a bonus, our system will be more conspicuous place them in this special place.
all of Google AdWords keyword ads on all cycles appear on the search results page: up to 8 per page, less than 8 customer's ads appear on every page; more than 8, then loop in sequence. In addition, your ads will be displayed in the Google network of search sites, content sites and other products (Google AdSense) (Google AdSense make a hyperlink, links to "Google AdSense profile").

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