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Tencent SOSO promotion

  Tencent six advantages of search marketing advantage 1: wide coverage contact giant Tencent QQ user group--search marketing, relying on Tencent's SOSO and a wealth of online life, offers a variety of advertising channels, millions of QQ users to quickly understand you, to contact you.
advantage 2: targeted--accurately covers your target users, Tencent search marketing, in-depth analysis of your advertising content, to millions of QQ users online life full of matches. QQ users need most when your ads, increasing advertising satisfaction in order to attract genuine users who demand fast information, get in touch. The unique advantages of the Tencent platform, will be able to help your organization improve advertising effectiveness, reduce marketing costs.
advantage 3: interactive--that found that Q, Tencent grab your customers search marketing, combined with Tencent's biggest advantage--Exchange online QQ and QQ mailbox, in advertising pages so that your potential customers can directly get in touch with you, the first time access to your business services. This advantage of the promotional platform that allows your business to maximize the reduction of the loss of customers, the largest cut customer service costs.

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