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  also known as BBS BBS Forum, known as the Bulletin Board System (Bulletin Board) or Bulletin Board Service (Bulletin Board Service). Is an electronic information system on the Internet. It provides a common whiteboard, each user can write, to publish the information or views. It is an interactive, content rich and even Internet electronic information service system. Users can access all kinds of information services on the BBS sites, publish information, discussion, chat, and so on.
: so what is a BBS? English name of the BBS is a Bulletin Board System, translated is "bulletin board systems". BBS was first used to publish information such as stock prices, when the BBS file transfer capability are not, and can only be run on a Mac. Early BBS and General Street and campus bulletin board the same character is only transmitted through or get the message. All the way to popularity after it began, some people try Apple computer BBS transferred to a personal computer, BBS it gradually spread. In recent years, due to the efforts of enthusiasts and BBS features have been greatly expanded. At present, have ready access to the latest information through BBS systems; can also use a computer BBS system and others ... ... A variety of interesting topics; BBS system can also be used to publish "friendship", "cheap transfer", "recruitment" and "job" ads; also called family and friends to a chat room to talk ... ... This wonderful world by my side, as long as you have a computer that can access the campus network side, you can enter the Exchange platform, to enjoy its services.

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