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  micro-blogging, micro-blogging (MicroBlog) for short, is a user-based information sharing, dissemination and access platforms, users can use the WEB, WAP, and various client components for individual communities, with updates to 140-character text messages, and instant sharing. Micro-blogging is a cell phone text messages, social networking sites, blogs and IM integration advantages of the four products.
currently the famous microblogging platform: SINA, Tencent weibo, Sohu, NetEase weibo microblog.
what is Twitter promotion? Twitter promotion, is based on the micro-blog for the media, in the shortest period of time putting it in Fission to spread out. Twitter promotion at the first time so that more people will know your enterprise, focus on your brand and increase your sales.
Twitter promote ways? Twitter forward directed by: weibo users to forwarding your information is a key to their tweets, and concerned people will see this message reached a forward, read results.
Twitter attention popular promotion: Twitter users of your corporate Twitter, all of your updates will also appear in the user's Twitter Home Shang, exposure, while also gathering of your corporate Twitter's popularity.
reputation to promote Twitter comments: Twitter users to forwarding your Twitter information, you can comment on this information, while improving sentiment has shaped the company's good reputation.
application: product promotion, event marketing, Web site promotion, new product promotions, shop promotion, Twitter bless, recruiting.

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